CH. Quarrydene's Victory By DayAMCANCH. Greatscots Hard To Be HumbleCANCH. Greatscot Its James Blonde
AMCANCH. Hjohoo's You Want It Hjo Got It
Tofthus' KatrineVanajam Bon Voyage
Tofthus' Valentine
CanAmCh. Quarrydene's Black DiamondCh. Cale Hill's ThorvaldCale Hill's Norman
Cale Hill's Mathilde
Quarrydene's Danish DiamondGreatscot's How Swede It Is
Tofthus' Katrine

"Twiggy" is a delight for our family. She has a wonderful personality, is very playful, and her tough coat is an easy upkeep

Ungroomed but still showing a great coat, and lovely structure

In the country helping with mouse hunting