We usually have one or two litters of Cairn puppies each year. If we have puppies available we look for families who will provide a loving and caring long term home for them. A fenced in yard is a must, as well as daily exercise, as these active dogs need daily outside time and lots of love.

If you are thinking of adding a Cairn to your family make sure you do your homework, as these healthy dogs will live for 14 years or more, and need companionship throughout their lives. Learn as much as you can about a Cairn, to make sure it is the right type of dog for your family.

We require to meet the families we are rehoming puppies to.

Our next litter of puppies will be the late spring of 2016
I try to keep this page updated with litters I am aware of, born in Alberta, or from friends in the country. Currently I am not aware of any litters, from reputable Cairn breeders in my area.
For information on Cairn Terrier puppies, please refer to The Cairn Terrier Club of Canada website, under "Breeders". Breeders on this listing should be able to assist you, in your area.
Cairn Terrier Club of Canada
The rescue site "Colonial Potter Cairn Rescue" has many older Cairns looking for homes. It is worth checking the availability with this worthy group.
Colonial Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue

CH. Quarrydene's Princess Diamond (Katie) X AMCANCH. Hjohoo's Love To Love Hjo (Camilo)
January 31, 2015

CH. Quarrydene's Wild and Wanted (Eevee) bred to AMCANCH. Hjohoo's Love To Love Hjo (Camilo)
March 11, 2015


Quarrydene's Rough Diamond X Stonehollows Magic Touch
April 27, 2011
Photos of Twiggy's puppies

Quarrydene's Black Diamond X Checkers Maple Man
December 19, 2010
Photos of Gemma's puppies

 1) All puppies are registered with Canadian Kennel Club and are either tattooed or micro chipped.
 2) All puppies have current vaccinations, are vet checked, and will have a record of visits signed by the vet.
 3) Puppies will not be rehomed until they are at least 10 weeks old so they have proper family nurturing.
 4) Breeding stock is screened for hereditary abnormalities, as are puppies.
 5) A written agreement is signed, and puppies are returnable at any time in their lives.
 6) No puppies are sold to pet stores.
 7) All puppies are home raised with the dog family available for viewing.