April 25, 1998 - July 21, 2015

Vanajam Bon VoyageVanajam Norse VoygerBeaudesert Royal Viking
Vanajam Gypsy's Crystal Ball
Vanajam RoyalistBeaudesert Royal Viking
Monary Saucy's Goldfinch for Vanajam
Tofthus' ValentineHjohoo's As Hjo Like ItRasken's Robbie Robinson
Hjohoo's Hjoobidoo Hallabaloo
Tofthus' NocturneTofthus' Zack
Tofthus' Rozina

"Kerrie" was the beginning of wonderful Cairn adventure which started with a trip to Denmark in 2002. She produced 5 wonderful pups, all of which became Canadian champions. She is now a grandmother many times over, with her strongest attributes shining through in these dogs.

Kerrie sunning herself

Kerrie talking to us about her desires. She lived and loved her last years in the loving home of Pat and Jack
where she was treated like the princess she was. She is deeply missed by us all.

All Kerrie's great Canadian children:
Ch. Quarrydene's Victory By Day, Ch. Quarrydene's Vagabond Tonight
Ch. Quarrydene's Danish Diamond, Ch. Quarrydene's Danish Outlaw
Ch. Quarrydene's Danish Ace