Retired Quarrydene Cairns

Ch. Quarrydene's Danish Diamond"Jewel" is our first Diamond, and she lives with us, sharing all our new "Diamond" experiences

Ch. Quarrydene's Roll The Dice"Clark" had a short show career, and now is a country Cairn, enjoying life with Joan Seierstad and her family

AmCh. Quarrydene's Black Diamond"Gemma" could not have done more for me, she is now in retirement giving her vast amount of love to Shannon

Ch. Quarrydene's Travelling Man"Louis" lives in Canmore with a great friend, Jan Hrabec

Ch. Quarrydene's Danish Outlaw"Denver" is from one of my first breedings, he lives with Mark and Christina, and is a healthy, happy fellow

Tofthus' Katrine"Kerrie" is my foundation bitch from Denmark. She is now 14 years old and enjoying a healthy and happy life.

Ch. Quarrydene's Vagabond Tonight"Baggins" is from my first Danish litter, and now enjoying retirement

Lachleen's Like A Prayer"Danah" From Berit Rosenfeldt, of Denmark, is the sire of Chip

Curriewood Rubies and Diamonds"Ruby" A daughter of Quarrydene's Victory By Day

Qaurrydene's Sailor Sam - 2002Tofthus' Logan Of Quarrydene

Cannyscots Folly's Aspen - 2000Quarrydene's Simbad - 2001

Highhedges Thumbelina - 1972Highhedges Thumbelina - 1975

Tycans Ready Or Not - 1974Another Tycans Ready Or Not - 1974

Redstart Of Highhedges - 1969Redstart Of Highhedges - 1970

Folly Of Highhedges with Stella Newby - 1960sFolly Of Highhedges - 1966

Redstacks Kelly at Crufts - 1963 Redstacks Kelly - 1963

Skipper Of Highhedges - 1947Nina Of Hedges - early 1960s