CANCH. Quarrydene's Victory By DayAMCANCH. Greatscot's Hard To Be HumbleAMCANCH. Greatscot It's James Blonde
AMCANCH. Hjohoo's Hjo Want It Hjo Got It
Tofthus' KatrineDKCH Vanajam Bon Voyage
Tofthus' Valentine
Lachleen Like A PrayerDKCH. Cale Hill's NormanDKCH. Tofthus' Rockefeller
DKCH. Cale Hill's Herta
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Lachleen First Choice I Make

"Chip" lives with me. He is a lovely boy, with a very sweet temperament, who gets along with all he meets (especially the girls). Chip has some young kids we are excited about, with his first American and Canadian Champions awarded in 2010.

Edmonton Oct 2009

Chip wins a Group Second and Third, over the Edmonton weekend

Oct2, 2008

Chip wins Best of Winners at Hatboro under Judge Robert Hutton.

Chip's show debut, under terrier judge Jim Reynolds, Chip beat his dad for Best Of Breed,
and then went on to win Best Puppy In Group.

Some prep work as a young boy of 5 months

Chip enjoying himself in the yard

Some special Chip moments

A little mouse hunting in the winter!

As a wee boy, stealing our hearts!!