Young Shirley and a Cairn, wondering who
is going to be bathed
Shirley with Redstart Of Highhedges. "Red"
was the beginning of some big show wins
in the 1970's for Shirley.
Shirley with Tycan's Ready-Or-Not. "Mac" was from
Shirley's breeding program, and he was the top Terrier
in Canada in 1975, a feat that has not been repeated since.
Another Redstart Of Highhedges win in the 1970's
Another picture of one of Tycan's Ready-Or-Not's winsShirley with Tycan's Ryan, another homegrown breeding.From hot pants in the 70's
To hats in the 90'sCannycairns Fergus with Jim McFarlane.Cannycairns Finnegan with Stella Newby
Shirley today, still enjoying the love of a young puppy.