About Us

"Quarrydene" was the name of my great grandmother's country estate in Castleford, Yorkshire, England.  It was also her kennel name while she was breeding dogs in the early 1900s.  Because of her, my grandmother, and then my mother continued on breeding and showing Cairns.  I am proudly carrying on a family legacy.  I have a section in the website called "My History" that has more detail of our family Cairn history, and many wonderful old pictures of our family and Cairns gone by.

I have grown up with Cairns as an integral part of family life.  As a youngster I was always attending dog shows with my mother, and was an active Junior Handler.   My favorite Cairn at home was Highhedges Thumbelina (as you can tell my mother let me name her).  We had many special moments together.   Today I am a keen enthusiast, breeding, showing, and caring for a small household of Cairns.  All my dogs are house pets who either live with me and my husband, my mother, or friends who also have a love for Cairns.  We work  at providing them with an exceptional life by: daily walking, socializing, grooming, and providing them with a good healthy diet.

I am trying to breed Cairn Terriers of high standards, not only in structure but in temperamant and health.  Most of my dogs are of Scandinavian descent, as that is where I believe some of the most beautiful Cairns have been bred.  I might have 1 or 2 litters of puppies each year, with the objective of always keeping some for myself to continue on this wonderful adventure of breeding , showing  and owning the best little pal in the world .

Enjoy your tour, and please contact me, via email, if you should so desire.